Delivering support to local charities

Here at EDS Couriers we are happy to do our fair amount of charity work. We are very keen to work with these charities and help people in third world countries in much worse situations than our own.


Supporting local charities

Another charity we work very closely with is Hands at Work. Hands at Work are a Christian non-profit organisation working in vulnerable communities across sub-Saharan Africa where HIV/AIDS, poverty and numbers of orphans are highest and support structures are very low. Hands at Work help the local church in those communities to effectively care for the orphaned and vulnerable. Hands at Work ministry is to all those in need, regardless of race, class or religion.

Hands at Work identify local Christian leaders within vulnerable communities who are already demonstrating a passion to serve the poor and broken in their community and to fulfil the biblical mandate to care for the orphaned and vulnerable. Hands at Work support those leaders in developing a locally-owned organisation in their community and begin a long-term relationship of service and partnership, where Hands at Work continually work to increase the community’s capacity to provide care in an effective and holistic manner.