Is your car summer safe?

Sunny weather can be as dangerous as snow and ice if your car isn’t summer-ready.

In fact, more accidents involving death or serious injury on Britain’s roads are reported during the summer months than through the winter. Bit of a shocker, right?

Our vehicle servicing experts, Ryan and Joe, always make sure our eds vans are roadworthy and ready whatever the weather, but they say booking your family car in for seasonal checks is just as important.

Here are some of the things you need to be aware of before heading out for a summer’s day drive:

  • Blow-outs are more common in the summer months as the heat can reduce the pressure in your tyres. Check your tyre pressures more regularly to make sure they’re properly inflated.
  • Winter tyres will wear rapidly in the heat. Remember to change them to all-season tyres for the summer.
  • Engine oil can thin out in hot weather so check it – and change it if needed.
  • In fact, any fluids can be affected by hot weather so make sure your brake fluid and coolant are kept topped up too.
  • Batteries can also fail in hot weather – especially if they’re older. Consider changing old batteries, or at least get them looked at.
  • When packing the car for your summer holidays, make sure you can still see out of your back window! Overloading the car can also cause issues with tyre pressures, so another reason to check them before setting off.
  • The sun will show up all the marks on your windscreen, which can obscure your view if it’s not kept clean. Make sure you always have screen wash at the ready and consider new windscreen wipers if they’re not doing a great job.
  • Towing can put extra strain on your engine, especially if you don’t alter the way you drive to compensate for the additional load. It’s a good idea to get a full service before towing your caravan or boat.
  • Heat can make you sleepy, so air-con is a must. It does need to be re-gassed periodically, so make sure it’s working.

Why not book in and let the experts do the summer safety checks for you?

Express Vehicle Repairs is offering summer check-ups for any make of car for just £18. That’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Call Ryan or Joe on 01543 435142 or 07833 665327.


Posted on 8th June 2018 by Mark